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I've been making some thoughts  that I want to share with you, in terms of why should someone buy property in Greece NOW!!, before he regrets not having done so:

  • Because he recognizes that the financial crisis won't last forever but also that the low prices of Greek properties won't last forever either.
  • Because he considers Greece a unique destination due to its unparalleled island cluster offering a multitude of investment opportunities.
  • He recognizes Greece as one of the main tourist destinations globally (with a solid tourist infrastructure), something which if coupled with the current very attractive property prices (due to the financial crisis) that exist at the moment, results in some unbelievable real estate investment opportunities.
  • Because he is a long term, strategic investor.
  • Because he values historical and traditional sites in a pure and harmonious environment in a unique location combining sea and mountain.
  • Because he believes that the modern Greek lifestyle represents an investment opportunity with extreme growth potential and thus there is space for new real estate development projects in Greece.
  • Because he believes that Greece is a strong business hub bringing together three continents Asia, Europe & Africa while offering access to the EU, Russia and the former East European bloc countries.
  • He believes that Greece offers a large pool of skilled, well-educated, and hard working labor force at competitive cost rates.
  • He considers of using Greece as a base for business development for the Balcan Countries.
  • He thinks that Greece will be the most important market for golf and cycling tourism in the Mediterranean in the next 10 years.
  • He knows that Greece is blessed with stunning landscapes, unique environment and natural beauty, hospitable people and rich history, mythology and culture. These are excellent ingredients for developing quality tourism with upscale resorts of unique character that have made Greece stand out and be placed on the top of the list of quality tourist destinations in the world attracting high income level clientele from around the globe. With the above in mind, several companies have been very recently involved in real estate projects in Greece, some of which include: Swiss Golf Invest AG, Emerald Developments SA, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Plainfield Asset Management LLC, Dolphin Capital Partners, COSCO, The Stripe Group, Kempinski Hotels.

I want to close this post with a quote of Donald Trump: “Big fortunes can be built at times when the economy is in crisis, as long as you spot and exploit the opportunities”.

Further advantages of property purchase in Greece:

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