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  • The climate is one of the warmest worldwide. It is a dry desert climate. It rains only  one or two days a year. In winter, temperatures rarely are below 15C. The warmest months are July and August with temperatures over 40C.
  • Excellent value for money! Rents in the UAE are very high compared to other maintenance costs. With the rental income of only a few years, your investment will be paid off. The investment can be financed. Special payment plans can be offer maintenance costs, which is why the real estate acquisition has triggered a veritable boom. Now you can rent the house a few years buy a home era, this can still be financed.
  • Many properties are situated directly by the sea.
  • The UAE are in terms of crime one of the safest countries in the world. It is called "Switzerland of the Arab region".
  • The cities are exceptionally clean and well maintained.
  • The customer finds the most modern infrastructure, which leave nothing to be desired. Perfect road network.
  • Extremely high standard of living
  • Exceptionally high and interesting leisure activities
  • Double taxation agreements with many nations
  • Free transfer of capital
  • Value of properties increases every year
  • Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai and of course this event also increases the enormous importance of this area
  • Dubai as a city of superlatives: The highest building in the world - largest shopping center in the world - building the largest airport in the world - the construction of the Health City - Largest Indoor Snow Centre in the world - Largest Disney park in the world under construction - construction of the largest wheel in the world ( Dubai Eye) - Largest artificially created islands: The Palm
  • Tax paradise: The emirate has no:  capital gain tax, housing tax, inheritance tax, corporation tax or income tax. The tax rate is therefore at 0%! Income from rent, sale, lease or inheritance of property are not taxable.
  • Perfectly organized hotel apartment concept for real estate buyers with a very high rate of return due to the high occupancy rate in the accommodation business in the Emirates and at the same time the demand of accommodation increases every year
  • Best hotel quality in a wide selection at a very fair price-performance ratio.
  • Large selection of unusual locations, Meeting and Conference Centers with the latest technology.
  • Easily accessible by top airlines.  It is the center of the world.
  • Excellent service and restaurant culture
  • Inofficial local language is English. Therefore, no language problems

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